Nana Suzuki winds up being split into seven copies of herself. Besides the original Nana, there’s also a smart Nana, a happy Nana, an angry Nana, a sensitive Nana, a sad Nana, and a slow Nana.
Nana Suzuki, living with her inventor Grandfather who is searching for a way to capture a rainbow in crystal form, gets split into seven copies of herself when her Grandfather’s crystal experiment goes awry. Now with the original Nana, there’s an athletic/hot-tempered Nana (Nanappe), a happy Nana (Nanacchi), a sensitive Nana (Nanarin), a slow/child-like Nana (Nanakko), a sexy Nana (Nanapon), and a smart Nana (Nanasama). The Anime is based on the manga of the same title by Akito Shoten published in the U.S. by ADV Manga.

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